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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I’ve long used AVG anti virus on most computers of myself and friends, but maybe I’ll switch now that Microsoft has some free software.  If your a friend or family of mine- and you’re not already running some anti-virus software, now’s your chance.

companies, Microsoft has now finally made the non-beta version of its Security Essentials software available to the general

Microsoft Antivirus Download

Via Engadget @ Microsoft Security Essentials anti-virus software is now live and free

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Anderson Farms ( has the oldest yearly corn maze in Colorado. Its huge, confusing, and for the geographically challenged- impossible. I'm Byron Ferguson, and yes, I'm a gps nut. I like cartography, geocaching, and all things gps. So... for multiple years now, I've been using a pocket pc with an image of the maze georeferenced to the maze- to wander through. My wife, Toni, calls this... cheating. I like to think of it as my own personal Kobiashi Maru.

The drawback to this method was that the pocket pc / gps method was a little hardware heavy, battery life was short, and the screen a bit difficult to read. The maze, however, is much more enjoyable to me, when I know where I'm going.

This year, I've created a mapsource / garmin compatible map instead. These things are never perfect, and I make no guarantees. However, I'm guessing it'll work beautifully. Should you want to try it, just take the attached file, unzip it, and edit the registry entrys to point to your file location. Then double click the registry and the new map should show up in mapsource for loading to your Garmin. If you like it, leave a note!

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