3 Rabbits- Creative Digital Services

Web Design In my off time, I like to dabble in web design.  Primarily, my web design is for this site, but I have produced "for- hire" sites for some other people.

I welcome the opportunity to discuss the creation of a web site for you.   Contact Byron Ferguson @ (720) 851-0730 or email: byron@byrini.com

Check out my recently created http://www.3rabbits.com

Originally, this was a picture of a rose.  It was doctored in photoshop to appear as a sunflower.

If you have an unusual need for creative digital services, I'm your guy.  I love projects that involve out of the ordinary requests...  For instance, a movie of the bride and groom composited in Harry met Sally.  Or a 50th anniversary poster, with the current couple in a past setting..

Digital Video Editing
Photo Restoration
Photo Manipulation
Video Post Processing
Digital Special Effects