Personal Information (Restricted)

A recent strange incident has prompted me to pull all personal information on me, my wife, and my kids into a restricted portion of the website.  A stranger "appropriated" pictures of my kids for their website, and claimed they were their kids.  Someone alerted me to the situation because of a remaining link to my website.  To say the least I was concerned.

If you are a friend, family member, co-worker, or a recipient of the Ferguson family Christmas Letter, (and still want to see pictures of our kids, read our silly stories, or whatever), you can still access all the information below by filling out the request for a username and password.  I'll add you to the system as soon as possible and even send you and email letting you know.  I'll attempt to add a cookie so each visit does not require your username and password.  But please, do write down your password and username just in case...